David Aguilar


As a senior CG Artist with over a decade of experience as a Camera Layout Artist, Previs Artist, Final Animator and Rigger, and having worked in everything from movies, video games, and TV commercials, I've aquired a varied set of skills that allow me to fill many roles well.
I've done Final Animation for TV Features and Movies, Final Rigging for TV Commercials, Previs and Camera Layout for Movies and Triple A Video Game Cinematics, including Previs Modeling and Rigging, as well as some Previs SFX.

I have good camera skills that allow me to clearly and dynamically tell a story without distracting the Audience or deterring from the narrative with good composition and editing.
My character animation skills have strong weight, balance and timing making them very realistic for action animation.
Knowing how to rig and skin characters well, helps me expand my animation skills exponentially.
Ever since I was little I have always been known to draw and sketch. I have an affinity to design characters. Although I have very rarely ever used this skill to earn money, drawing is something I just enjoy.

I love what I do because it allows me to work for talented people such as directors Robert Zemeckis, Francis Lawrence, Mark Webb, and Simon Wells.

I'm proud of all my work, including my earliest. Feel free to browse through my humble page and see what I'm about.

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